What is CBD?

-CBD stands for Cannabidiol, one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis sativa.

Is CBD Legal?

-CBD products, are fully legal to purchase in most states. The rules differ from state to state, as each one writes its own legislation regarding the substance. For example, while CBD is legal in Texas, CBD products are unavailable in Alabama unless the person suffers from debilitating seizures. In reality, very few states disallow CBD altogether.

-The federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) classifies all “marijuana extract” as a Schedule I, highly-addictive substance with no known medical value. However, the Farm Bill greenlights extracts that come from what’s called “industrial hemp,” which is cannabis sativa bred to have .3% or less THC (what gets you high). Battle Bold's CBD is derived from industrial hemp.

-If you are unsure if CBD is legal in your state, you can find a great law tracker here courtesy of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of- Marijuana Laws.

Can CBD get me high?

-No. Cannabidiol is non-intoxicating. Battle Bold's CBD products contain less than .3% of THC, the cannabinoid that delivers the “high” effect. Such trace amounts do not produce the “high” feeling.

Do you lab-test your CBD products?

-Yes we do and we can send you the lab results upon request. Please email bbteam@battlebold.com for test results.